1 Dede Rosyada UIN Jakarta A Contextual Method of Interpreting the Qur’an: A Search for the Compatibility of Islam and Modernity
2 Mun’im Sirry University of Notre Dame, USA Recent Trends in Academic Study of the Qur’an and Tafsir
3 Norbani Ismail Visiting Profesor UIN Jakarta/USA Shared Themes Different Countries: Tafsir in the Twentieth Century Indonesia and Egypt
4 Muhamad Ali University of California in Riverside, USA/UIN Jakarta The Current Studies and Views of Muhammad and His Hadith in the West and Indonesia
5 Anwar Syarifuddin UIN Jakarta The Disseminated Interpretations of Hajj from Dhun al-Nun to Shibli and the Problems of Contemporary Pilgrimage
6 Jajang A. Rahmana UIN Bandung The Future of Sundanese Commentaries on the Qur’an in Indonesian Archipelago
7 Muhammad Masrur Irsyadi El-bukhari Institut Banten Instagramable Sunnah: Analysis of Trends of Using Sunnah-Hashtags
8 Zarfina Yenti UIN Jambi Quran Manuscript form Kerinci : The Proof of the Connection between Haramain (Makkah and Madinah) and Kerinci in the 18th to 19th Century
9 Lien Iffah Naf’atu Fina UIN Yogyakarta How to Comprehend the Similarity between Hebrew Bible and the Qur’an? The interextuality between PSALM 136 and Q. 55 (ar-Rahman)
10 Nur Mahmudah STAIN Kudus Portraying al-Qur’an in Cyber Media: Portrait in Social Media Facebook of Muslimin Indonesia
11 Faris Pari UIN Jakarta Contextuality vs Universality of Hadis: Methodological Problem
12 Darul Ma’arif Asry UIN Makassar Siri’ as Bugis People Dignity in Quranic Perspective
13 Muhammad Dluha Luthfillah UIN Yogyakarta Women As Represented in the Qur’an (Pre Canonical Reading to Women -Mentioning Qur’anic Verses)
14 Irmawati Sagala, Aris Dwi Nugroho, Siti Mariyah Ulfah UIN Jambi The Comprehension of the Orang Rimba Muslim Converts Towards Qur’an to Their New Religious Life
15 Abdul Hakim Wahid UIN Jakarta The Uuthenticity of Hadith Narrated by Nafi Mawla of Ibn Umar
16 Masri Mansoer, Lilik Ummi Kaltsum, Yadi Mulyadi UIN Jakarta Al-quran and indonesian comunity culture (the living quran study about the aplication of verses in the al-quran as an amulet inside indegenous people of wewengkon kasepuhan lebak banten)
17 Ermawati UIN Jambi Al-Qur’an Is the Forgotten Book (Study of the Qur’an Teaching System Failure in Providing Qura’nic Understanding to the Young People
18 Irma Riyani UIN Bandung “God is Beyond Sex/Gender”:  Muslim Feminist Hermeneutical Method to the Qur’an
19 Ahmad Syukri Saleh


UIN Jambi An Understanding of Some Qur’anic Interpretation on the Basis of Textual and Contextual Approaches
20 Aksin Wijaya STAIN Ponorogo Subtantive Islam (A New Direction on the Implementation of Islamic Sharia According to Muhammad Said al-Ashmawi
21 Hamam Faizin UIN Jakarta Coloured-Text Qur’anic Mushaf in Modern Indonesia
22 Izzah Faizah Siti Rusydati,

Afif Muhammad,


UIN Bandung

and UPI Bandung

Internalization of Ulul Albab Value (Study of Living Quran on Students of UIN Malang)
23 Khairun Nisa,

Tri Hermawan

UIN Sunan Ampel

UIN Banjarmasin

Questioning the Common Link Theory of G.H.A Joynboll and Criticism on the Hadith of Conventional: a Comparative Analysis of Hadiths about Niyyat
24 Kusmana UIN Jakarta Modern Theological Reading of the Qur’an and Gender Issues: Three Cases of Famale Muslim Scholars


Rohmat Budi Santosa,

Joko Nurkamto,

Nashruddin Baidan,


Universitas 11 Maret Surakarta,

IAIN Surakarta,

Universitas 11 Maret Surakarta

Pragmatic Meaning of Questions in the Holy Qur’an: Speech Act Study on the Verses about Stories
26 Abdul Mustaqim UIN Yogyakarta De-radicalization in Qura’nic Exegesis (Re-interpretation of “Violent Verses” toward Peeacefull Islam)
27 Muhammad Alfatih Suryadilaga UIN Yogyakarta The Trend of Hadiths Study in Cyber Media: A Study of Literature
28 M. Khoirul Huda El Bukhari Institut, Banten The Narration Constructions of Radicalism: The Study of Hijra Hadiths Citations
29 Izza Rohman UHAMKA Jakarta Tafsir al-Qur’an bi al-Qur’an As a Distinctive Methodology
30 Islah Gusmian IAIN Surakarta Al-Iklil fi Ma’ani al-Tanzil and Family Planning in Indonesia


31 Mohamad Nuryansah


IAIN Salatiga Isra’iliat Contribution in Contemporary Exegesis
32 Adi Fadilah,



UIN Jakarta Ziauddin Sardar’s Interpretation of the Qur’an
33 A. Baiquni UIN Jakarta Understandings of Classical and Modern Scholars on Doomsday  Hadith
34 JM Muslimin UIN Jakarta Istibdal Waqf and Public Interest:

Reading Qur’an and Hadith from Sociological


35 Suaidi Asyari


UIN STS Jambi Challenges of Practicing Qur’anic Values in Muslim Majority Country


36 Jauhar Azizy UIN Jakarta Scientific Thematic Interpretation of the Qur’an in Indonesia


37 Atiyatul Ulya

Nur Kholis Sofwan

UIN Jakarta Living Hadith: The Phenomena of Fidyah Praying and Fasting Tradition in Indramayu
38 Eva Nugraha UIN Jakarta Being Fanatic but Not Fanaticism is Tolerance


39 Media Zainul Bahri UIN Jakarta Trinity in the Quran: A Historical Account
40 Mohamad Sobirin Sahal UIN Semarang Reviving Prophet’s Sport Tradition in Modern Day Indonesa
41 Nurun Najwah  UIN Yogyakarta The Profoundity of Hadith on “Islam Itu Indah” on Trans TV


42 Nadya Utari Boru Sitanggang,

Dayah Jeumala Amal


Memorizing the Qur’an Easily by Applying Proper Tajwid and Recognizing Rhymes of the Qur’an

43 Dadang Darmawan UIN Bandung Semantics of the Qur’an: Its Past and Its Opportunity in the Future
44 Umma Farida STAIN Kudus The Hadith Network in Indonesia in the 17th – 19th Century
45 Umi Sumbulah UIN Malang Freedom of Religion In Qur’anic Perspectives : The Inclusive Interpretations of Contemporary Muslim Scholars
46 Abdul Hakim Wahid UIN Jakara The Implication of Back Projection Theory

on Isnad with al-Silsilah al-Dhahabiyyah Category

47 Gazi UIN Jakarta Exploring Thoughts of Indonesia Terrorists on  I’dad and Jihad: Psychological Perspectives
48 Seggaf al-Munawwar UIN Jambi Assigning Madinah Charter on the Discourse of Plurality and Tolerance
49 Bambang Irawan UIN Jakarta Qur’an and Environmental Conservation from the Perspectives of Fazlun Kholid
50 Ahmad Fudhaili UIN Jakarta Relativism of Hadith Science
51 Yusuf Rahman UIN Jakarta 4:34 and Disciplining Wife: Modern Indonesian Muslim Scholars’ Interpretation
52 Anwar Mujahidin STAIN Ponorogo Indonesian Context of the Meaning of the Qur’an (Study on The Verses of Powers in Al-Azhar and Al- Misbah Interpretation)
53 Izzatu Tazkiyah IAIN Pekalongan Ta’wil Conception in the Theological Doctrine of Abu Mansur al-Maturidi
54 Rifqi Muhammad Fatkhi, Hilmy Firdausy UIN Jakarta Text as a Religious Language Controller of Muslim Society: The Blue Print of the Codification of Hadith
55 Ahmad Zainal Abidin IAIN Tulungagung The Benefits of The Qur’an as Problem Solving for Santri’s Life: Living Qur’an at Pesantren in Tulungagung
56 Moh. Abdul Kholiq Hasan STAIN Surakarta Freedom of Religion in Rasyid Ridha’s Perspective

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